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Ian Jacobs is your World Champion, Trainer & Speaker

LETS MAKE THIS SIMPLE - LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN... “Give me a moment and I’ll give you the life.” Experience for yourself how I take people to the top of their world, creating champions of life, love, work or sports. I inspire, innovate, educate and empower people, families and companies through motivational speaking, workshops, private group training, and one on one personal tuition.

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‘Become the champion of your world” Activate, reactivate, rehabilitate or rejuvenate – the future of health fitness is here. Train smarter not harder with the Ian Jacobs FITR-4 Life methodology. I can help you improve your FAT LOSS, BODY SHAPING, SELF DEFENCE, ENERGY, NUTRITION & QUALITY OF LIFE. The training methodology that took Ian to the very top has been innovated, improved and now has success stories across the board, from mums to multiple world champions. Let’s find a program that works for you. Everyone achieves - everyone succeeds!

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S.A.F.E – Securing A Family’s Environment

“JOIN THE ONE MILLION SAFE QUEST” SAFE is a visual and physical learning program that teaches you how to improve the happiness and safety of your family, loved ones, friends, schools, work colleagues and community. We do face to face programs, have DVDs, a booklet, and an online presence.

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“Simply for all.” COMMUNICATION, CONFIDENCE & CLARITY. The inspiration, motivation, dedication and desire to achieve will enlighten you and flick the switch... I challenged the world and won! Learn my simple secrets to build your "Pyramid of Power" for greater self success, family values, work performance or a purpose of life. In my workshop, see and feel instant body shaping results with a revolutionary new health and fitness program FITR4 Lfe. Everyone can do it! Adopt the principles to being the world champion of your world. I share some cold hard true life stories, movie like success and a struggle against all odds to the top of my life, love, work and sports. "Now I share my gift that keeps giving for life.”

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“Just for you.” SPECIALISED, CUSTOMISED & PERSONALISED. My results orientated programs are tailored to meet your individual goals, preferences and lifestyle. Whether it's one-on-one, twin share or small private group or corporate organisation; everyone can benefit from these programs which are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. LIFESTYLE EMPOWERMENT - Personal training. CORPORATE PERFORMANCE - Group training. FAT FIGHTER - Personal or group training. BOXING,  KICKBOXING or THAI BOXING - Personal or group training. SAFE - Securing A Family's Environment. FATHER SON/PARENT CHILD  - Mentor & training program. REGENERATION OF YOUTH - Medical, gene, hormonal testing with scientific solutions. POWERHOUSE PRODIGY - Gym training. WORKSHOPS – Customised.

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What can I do for you and your company?

Ian Jacobs is a subject matter expert in: Health, fitness, fat loss and body shaping. Physiology, mind power and confidence. Crime awareness and prevention, self defence and happiness. Ian endorses genuine quality products and is also available for modelling, TV commercials and acting. Click into full page find out what Ian can do for you....

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Availability & Locations

I am available to work indoors and out doors Australia wide for gyms, schools, businesses, sporting teams, families and the public.

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