What can I do for you and your company?

Ian Jacobs is a well groomed talented man with a proven track record for achieving goals and helping others achieve their. Besides Ian being an expert on a few topics, he has many great marketable qualities and impacts peoples lives with his strong code of ethics, honour, respect, and principles of life. His genuine character can help add value to anyone’s life.

What can we do for you, your company, your clients or your products?




PERSONAL TRAINING – one on one, twin share or small private groups

CORPORATE TRAINING – customised programs to enhance personal and professional performance

CROSS TRAINING – programs for sporting teams

WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS & CONFERENCE PACKAGES – customised programs and packages

MENTOR PROGRAMS – help disengaged youth, sporting teams, people in need. Also good for father/son, parent/child support.

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“My name is Anthony Joseph I am 36 years of age, married and the father of four children. I was referred to Ian by a couple of my friends who were training with on the advice that he was the best personal trainer they had ever had. After one training session with Ian we had opened up neuro pathways that I had long forgotten were there!  The awareness I had again over my body was instantaneous, the way I walked, talked, sat down, stood up, even driving my car. I have lost 7kg and had to get all new clothes. I sleep better and I am more alert in general. I have more time and energy for my children and as a result I am also educating them in the same way Ian has done for me. Meeting and training with Ian has not only changed my life but also that of my family. As Ian says I am now fitter for life!”

Anthony Joseph