My 3 simple steps to changing your life:

  1. Experience one of our Programs.
  2. Learn the Tips & Tricks.
  3. Practice & Share with others.

Our programs and products have been specifically designed and chosen to dramatically improve well-being, health, fitness, body shape, mind power and provide a life changing experience.

We provide educational training, motivational experiences, fundraising events, exhilarating fitness programs, and life skills workshops.

Learn my world champ secrets: Adopt my tips and tricks; find out what the experts are saying about all the latest fitness trends, supplements, gym gear, personal safety, and much more to ensure unparalleled results. Find out more about my World Champion Experience (WCE) Programs

Fast track your ultimate physique: Increase lean muscle, body fat loss, body building, and enhanced performance at your chosen activity. Tailored to meet your individual goals, exercise preferences and lifestyle. Improve your health fitness, mind-power and longevity.

One-on-one or groups: Everyone can benefit from one of our programs. They are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner that has never trained in your life or a world champion athlete, we will deliver fast body shaping results, fat loss, and even increased libido.


  • Personal training 
  • Private group training
  • Corporate training 
  • Workshops 
  • Gyms 
  • Conference module packages 
  • Rejuvenate youth


Fitness & Fat Fighter
  • Body Trance Training System 
  • Father & Son Fitness 
  • Self Defence 
  • Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing


  • Safe family 
  • Safe Schools 
  • Safe Community 
  • Mentoring


Conference Packages

Combine any elements of our programs and motivational speaking to deliver an unbelievable experience to your next event.

Our Specialist Team

We will place you with the ‘right’ specialists to help you rejuvenate, rehabilitate and reactive your life.

We help people and corporations improve health through cutting edge technology, analysis and consultation by some of the counties leading sports specialists. We rely on the evidence from DNA and Gene Testing to customise a ‘personal plan of improvement.’

Supported by the experts, you will be able to address any health concerns, such as ailing injuries, recovery from surgery or rehabilitation. We offer a life expansion program for those who have diagnosed heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, allergies and conditions which pose a serious health risk.

Below are some of the areas of insight and specialists we have access to:

        • Life expansion clinic
        • Live blood analysing
        • Supplement programs
        • Gene testing and analysis
        • Hormone Specialist
        • Dietitian 
        • Nutrionist 
        • Chiropractor
        • Physiotherapist 

to determine which is the right package for you.


“Being a branch with a highly competitive and success driven culture, my staff were really empowered and motivated as a result of Ian Jacob’s discussion on goal setting and personal achievement.  Further, within a short ten minute segment, Ian was able to convey and motivate my team to incorporate Body Trance training habits into their daily routine, with his unique dynamic exercises. My team really found the exercises simple and effective, and have been challenging each other on implementing them into their daily routine. I have found their work moral, energy and end of day performance has significantly increased.”

Jarrod Ryder – Assistant Bank Manager, Westpac Garden City